After 10 Years of Suffering, Barbara Cyrus Finally Found Relief!
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Why live with life-altering knee pain any longer?
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Vanguard® XP Preserving Knee Replacement System

vanguardDid you know that most traditional total knee implants require the removal of the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), a ligament that helps provide your knee joint with natural stability and control?

The XP Preserving Knee is different. It’s designed to work with your natural anatomy, allowing you to keep all your healthy ligaments — including your ACL. 

The Vanguard® XP knee replacement procedure retains both of the major ligaments of the knee, the posterior cruciate and the anterior cruciate. Posterior cruciate retaining knee replacement has been available for many years, but the procedure requires removing the anterior cruciate ligament. The removal of this ligament makes everyday motions like walking, running, going up stairs or squatting feel unnatural and uncomfortable, even after a full recovery.

The biggest advance with the Vanguard® XP is the ability to keep both cruciate ligaments. By keeping both cruciate ligaments, the normal joint line level and the normal tightness of the knee are retained. The natural stability of the knee is kept intact. The Vanguard® XP knee replacement will reduce the number of unsatisfactory outcomes greatly because normal motion and natural stability of the knee are retained.

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